Who are you and why are you touching me?

You know what really grinds my (parental) gears?
Pregnant belly touches! No, not from family and friends. I actually encouraged that. But, when you are standing in line just minding your own business at the grocery store, and then, all of a sudden- a warm hand on your big baby bump. WHAT?! Who are you and why are you invading my personal space?

From the right people, I didn’t mind the belly rubs and crazy baby talk that was taking place an inch from my belly button. But, as I was casually waddling around doing my Christmas shopping, I remembered… I was by myself but yet-there was a hand rubbing my very large baby bump (insert a loud, horrible gasp)! All I remember was how flustered I was and how bad I wanted to start swinging my multiple packs of Christmas socks I was trying to buy. You always hear stories about pregnant women being abducted and that was my first thought (fight or flight, ya know). After my initial shock of this adorable old woman caressing my belly, I was left with the awful feeling of being violated. Did she really just come in my personal space and rub MY belly, MY baby- WITHOUT my permission?

I never knew I would react that way. But I liked it. It felt as though it was my first glimpse into being that overly protective parent I knew I was destined to be.

I once got yelled at for doing it (NO it was not on a STRANGER- geez)! It was however, before I ever became pregnant and truly understood how personal and enraging (from the wrong person) that touch can be. It made me understand and appreciate the beauty of ones’ comfort zone. So thank you-you know who you are!

Now please, even if you know the pregnant woman, PLEASE ask her permission! For the love of all that is HOLY, JUST ASK! More often than not, I am betting she will let you. But let her be prepared for that invasion of personal space. After all, it’s not just her belly, it is her child. She will protect that round and beautiful belly, carrying her beautiful child, at all costs.


5 thoughts on “Who are you and why are you touching me?

  1. April says:

    Yes. It is very important to ask permission. People just don’t realize pregnant women are hormonal and might bite them as they protect their unborn child!


  2. I don’t ever remember having this issue when I was pregnant with my two girls, but my youngest daughter is pregnant now and experiencing this situation. I guess I can’t imagine doing that to someone especially someone I didn’t know.


  3. Pregnancy in public has changed a lot over the generations. When your grandmother was pregnant with her first child (that would be me) she couldn’t even find books on the subject. Her Dr was her only source of professional info. Maternity clothes were ruffled tents. Pregnant women stayed mostly out of sight. My generation went out in public but still wore camouflage. Your generation of moms-to-be are out there proud as can be (not that we weren’t) wearing body hugging clothes that makes people want to connect with the new miracle. It’s hard to resist the urge to touch a baby belly. But you are totally correct that pregnant women should be asked first to be touched.


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