Target Practice

You know what really grinds my (Parental) gears?
Potty training little boys. YUCK! My bathroom now smells like a Frat House (minus the spilled beer stench)! I don’t understand how urine can collect somewhere where I didn’t know urine could collect. It’s a vicious cycle. Pee, clean, pee, clean, pee, where in the world did that (puddle) come from and how is that possible?!

“Don’t shoot the moon!” is what we tell our son… all… the… time! For some reason he just wants to let that yellow stream go wherever it desires. Gross, I know. For the most part, he really is good about it. There are definitely times when he is excited or super sleepy (peeing with his eyes closed….c’mon man, wake up!), and I know it’s not going to be a straight shot, that I can prepare and watch out for.

We’ve tried all kinds of games and strategies (target practice) to get a good “aim”, but I think it may just be typical for boys to want to “go” everywhere.

  • Cherrio practice
  • Square of toilet paper targeting
  • Hit the water only
  • And countless others (some are too gross to go into)

To parents with little girls, I am jealous. You always have a straight shot down, not up, not over, but down. YOU LUCKY PEOPLE YOU! Unless I am wrong (which I very well could be?!), and therefore, potty training in general really grinds my gears!! (But at the same time, I never could have imagined that someone doing their business on a potty would ever make me so happy!!)


One thought on “Target Practice

  1. April says:

    My son is 2 1/2, and I am currently potty training as well. He is awesome at aiming, but he sucks at pulling his pants down. So, when he’s naked, training is a breeze. When he’s fully clothed, he aims like he’s naked but soaks his clothes. Sigh.


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