You know what really grinds my (parental) gears?
The struggle with technology. No, not the struggle of how to use technology, but to allow children to interact with it and how adults interact with it.

I know we are living in a world that is technology. Phones, computers, laptops, tablets, etc., run our everyday activities. They are used for pleasure and work/school. We watch TV, we socialize, we email, and we have mindless entertainment right at the touch of our fingers. It’s actually very annoying and very addicting.

I too struggle with this. I am not here (as I have said in my “about” page) to criticize anyone’s parenting style. I criticize my own and criticize the annoyances that come with parenthood.

I have seen a few blog posts popping up lately about moms using technology. Both of the two “letters” hit me hard, as I see and recognize both sides of it. Dear Mom on the iPhone, was written by a fellow blogger. It was all too real, sad, and accurate. Kids see us on our phones or whatever technology we are on, and think that whatever we are doing is more important than they are. That we can’t just live in the moment with them.

There was also a rebuttal to the first letter. I also agreed with this blogger. You’re doing just fine. You’ve taught your child many great lessons so far. They need to learn to be independent. You need to help provide a living for your family. I get it! Sometimes, we HAVE to look at our phones. Sometimes we need a mental break, if only for 2 quick minutes, when we’ve spent hours watching their every move.

See what I mean? THE STRUGGLE!

I think there is a time and a place for technology, especially, when your children are present! Times and places (that I think) are acceptable to use technology are:
• A quick check in the bathroom
• While your child is in the bathroom
• Before child wakes up
• During nap time
• While child is completely entertained by themselves (though you may want to watch the   beauty of your child interacting and entertaining themselves)
• Once child is asleep for the night

As the rebuttal “letter” says, you don’t have to watch every waking moment of your child’s life, but PLEASE do not EVER let your child think that your phone, or your emails are more important than they are. Use technology as the name implies, smart! Use it when your children will not be offended, when they are not trying to impress you and please you. They grow up WAY TOO FAST. Enjoy them while they are so little and innocent. Before you know it, they will never be home or they will be “too cool” to hang with Mom and Dad, and then you will have all the free time in the world to use your technology.

THE STRUGGLE IS REAL… and it really grinds my gears.


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