Creepy, Weird, and Unacceptable (but acceptable)

You know what really grinds my (parental) gears?
Totally unacceptable (but acceptable) behaviors kids show. I mean, how creepy, weird, and totally unacceptable they act, ALL THE TIME. Sure, sometimes it’s cute and sometimes it is funny. But WOW, kids are WEIRD!

It’s funny to me how unacceptable these behaviors would be if we as adults demonstrated them. Don’t believe me? Here, take a look at this

Oh, you need some more evidence of how WEIRD and CREEPY kids are? These are all totally UNACCEPTABLE for adults

The first video… dead on. My oldest son, who is 3, has done EVERY SINGLE one of those acts. EVERY SINGLE ONE!
But you know, what? They ARE just kids. THEY are STILL learning. That is why it is ACCEPTABLE (but unacceptable) for them to do those weird things. We KNOW better, they do not. WE have to teach them right from wrong. We have to teach them what is and is not acceptable in society.

This kind of goes hand in hand with my temper tantrum post. Don’t be so quick to judge the child OR the parents for this weird, sometimes creepy and unacceptable behavior. Maybe it’s the first time this child has discovered this new weirdness or maybe this parent hasn’t figured out a way to address this creepiness yet.

Parenting really is a HUGE life learning experience. It teaches us, as parents, to also reflect on our own personal behavior and how creepy we actually are. Kids are great copy cats and let me tell you something… THEY LEARN FAST. So for now, enjoy how weird and creepy they are. Embrace it! Have fun with it! But still, please, try and teach them right from wrong. Weird is okay, even for adults. Creepy, well, that’s a tough one, good luck with that…


2 thoughts on “Creepy, Weird, and Unacceptable (but acceptable)

  1. April says:

    My 2 1/2 year old growls at people. They look at him like something is wrong with him because he doesn’t have a lot of words yet. They don’t take into consideration that he’s PRETENDING to be a dinosaur or a monster.


  2. I am a mother of five and I think I’ve seen it all (or at least all I want to see). That being said, I have issues with parents who refuse to teach or discipline their children when bad behavior is displayed. I’m not telling parents to beat their children, but a simple “no, no” or age appropriate consequence would suffice much of the time. There is a very thick line between disciplining your child(ren) and letting your child(ren) run rampant. If I didn’t have some semblance of order in my family I would never have survived the first five years!
    Very nice blog. Loved the videos.



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