Whats that Smell?

You know what really grinds my (parental) gears?
Playing hide and seek with a lost sippy cup…FULL OF MILK!!! That has to be one of the scariest moments of the day when you realize “Oh CRAP! Where is that cup? Did it have milk in it?” and then the final realization of, “Of course it had milk in it.” For you new parents or friends without kids, I’m not lying. This really is scary… Why, you ask?

Well… IT STINKS, it turns into cottage cheese (very quickly, I might add), and kids actually have pretty impressive hiding skills.

I have found that nasty sippy cup of milk in some weird places:

  • Between the mattress and box springs
  • Inside a pack of Diapers
  • Inside a pillow case
  • In the bath tub with the curtain closed
  • Inside the trunk of his Winnie The Pooh push toy (convenient how it fits just perfect *eyes roll*)
  • In the oven (yes, it was off. Yes, it was locked, he figured it out *another eye roll*)

It’s not only sippy cups of milk either. So hide your things well from your children if you don’t want to go on the hardest game of hide and seek. My oldest once hid our car keys tucked nicely into the Christmas tree (he put the key ring around a branch and it was like he wrapped it and disguised it perfectly)! Remember, these things your kids are or will be hiding, they don’t talk, they don’t laugh, they don’t give themselves up. Normally the smell does first….

My best blame game I remember for hiding things was, “Well, the Piano did it!” I’ll just let that bring back some fond memories for you all and remind you of what you have to look forward to…


2 thoughts on “Whats that Smell?

  1. The only thing worse than finding a sippy cup with spoiled milk is having your 18 month old find it first taking a nice big sip! I remember those days all too well.
    Nice article this week. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. šŸ™‚


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